A totally serious podcast about herpetology

by Mark D. Scherz, Gabriel Ugueto, Hiral Naik, and Ethan Kocak

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Wait, another herpetological podcast?

Yes! And it’s pretty GREAT! 

There are some pretty excellent herpetological podcasts out there, it’s true. Some similar podcasts even have a similar composition of artists to scientists. What do we bring that’s unique?


A few things we like to talk about

There are a few topics that come up again and again. It’s unavoidable. Here are a few of these.
Consider yourself warned.


Taxonomy is a huge part of herpetological research. It is complicated and multifaceted. We will talk about it probably a little more than anyone really wants.


No, NOT herpes. But rather, chytridiomycosis, snake fungal disease, ranavirus, and other plagues leading to dreadful declines in herpetofauna worldwide.


The pet trade is a major player in the business of herpetoculture. We will talk mostly about trends and bad habits, and how things would be better if we were in charge.


Evolution is a pretty big deal. From fossils to phylogenetics, we’ll talk about it all. Well, not all. But you know, enough.

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Here are nice things they have said about it

They know what they’re talking about, the banter adds to the already very interesting topics of discussion, and Mark’s puns are in my pun-loving opinion delectable. I recommend this podcast wholeheartedly to anyone who has any interest in amphibians and reptiles (minus birds, which as we know are really just flappy endothermic reptiles, but they have their own podcasts).


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Like all good podcasts, SquaMates has a fun mix of science, banter and discussion. It’s the perfect podcast to put on whilst completing other tasks where you will pick up a whole number of facts such as the taxonomic status of geckos or the correct pronunciation of ‘anolis’. There are many great science podcasts out there and even fewer Herpetological ones. SquaMates stands in a league of it’s own. Would certainly recommend!

Steven Allain

PhD Candidate in Herpetology @ University of Kent

I think it’s kind of ok.

Dr. Darren Naish

Paleontologist, author of the world-famous Tetrapod Zoology blog

SquaMates is incredibly in-depth for being so humorous, and incredibly humorous for being so in-depth. The differing backgrounds and palpable chemistry of the show’s hosts make it a breeze to listen to hours of phylogenetic debate and discussion. This was the first podcast I have ever listened to on my own accord, and I was disappointed to later learn not all podcasts are as good as this one!


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    Ethan Kocak

    New York Times Best-selling Illustrator

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