SquaMates Ep. 21: Bachia to the Future

A totally serious herpetological podcast

SquaMates Ep. 21: Bachia to the Future

The Mates get into the evolution of Ambystoma, whether or not to use subspecies, and the fantastically diverse and oft maligned gymnophthalmids (gymmies!).

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Assorted gymnophthalmids illustrated by our very own Gabriel Ugueto

Assorted gymnophthalmine gymnophthalmids illustrated by our very own Gabriel Ugueto

Bachia species illustrated by Gabriel: above, B. trinitatis; below, B. lineata

Comparison of Gymnophthalmus (above) and Tretioscincus (below). Note the brille of Gymnophthalmus versus the movable eyelid with a semi-transparent window ind Tretioscincus

Reduction of limbs and digits in various Gymnophthalmids: a Bachia, b Gymnophthalmus (4 fingers), c Tretioscincus (5 fingers but 1st one very rudimentary), d Riolama (1st reduced and clawless) e Anadia (five digits presented and clawed)

Reduction of limbs and digits in various Bachia species

One of Gabriel’s favourite gymmies: Anadia marmorata

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