SquaMates Ep. 8: The Last Anole

A totally serious herpetological podcast

SquaMates Ep. 8: The Last Anole

After a work-frenzied hiatus, the SquaMates are back with an eighth episode! And it’s a special episode devoted to discussing the recent Anolis Newsletter! The show is hosted by Mark D. Scherz, Gabriel Ugueto, and Ethan Kocak, and we are joined by a special guest host, Dr. James T. Stroud!

In this eighth episode, we fail to talk about anything but the newsletter, but it is packed with fun anecdotes and amazing observations—there should be enough entertainment for everyone!

Episode notes sometimes get clipped on your device or by your podcast provider; for full (extensive) notes (and references), go to http://www.squamatespod.com

Works in Frogress:

Mark’s newest papers:

Scherz, M.D., Köhler, J., Rakotoarison, A., Glaw, F. & Vences, M. (2019) A new dwarf chameleon, genus Brookesia, from the Marojejy massif in northern Madagascar. Zoosystematics and Evolution, 95, 95–106. DOI: 10.3897/zse.95.32818 [pdf]

The crazy skull of Xenotyphlops

Chretien, J., Wang-Claypool, C.Y., Glaw, F. & Scherz, M.D. (2019) The bizarre skull of Xenotyphlops sheds light on synapomorphies of Typhlopoidea. Journal of Anatomy, Early View. DOI: 10.1111/joa.12952 [Request PDF]

Ratsoavina, F.M., Raselimanana, A.P., Scherz, M.D., Rakotoarison, A., Glaw, F. & Vences, M. (2019) Finaritra! A new leaf-tailed gecko (Uroplatus) species from Marojejy National Park in north-eastern Madagascar. Zootaxa, 4545, 563–577. DOI: 10.11646/zootaxa.4545.4.7 [Request PDF]


Check out this amazing illustration by Gabriel that Mark commissioned for his PhD thesis cover:

Ethan will be illustrating the new book in the Does it Fart? series!

James’ newest papers

Mothes, C.C., Stroud, J.T., Clements, S.L., Searcy, C.A. (2019) Evaluating the ability of an Ecological Niche Model to accurately predict biotic invasions using South Florida’s exotic lizard community. Journal of Biogeography [PDF]

Stroud, J.T., Colom, M.*, Ferrer, P.*, Palermo, N.*, Vargas, V.*, Cavallini, M.*, Lopez, J.*, Jones, I. (2019) Behavioral shifts with urbanization may facilitate biological invasion of a widespread lizard. Urban Ecosystems  [PDF]

Stroud, J.T. (2019) Using introduced anoles as natural experiments in ecology and evolution. Anolis Newsletter VII, p. 242-260. Eds. Stroud, J.T., Geneva, A.J., Losos, J.B. Washington University, St. Louis MO [PDF]

Stroud, J.T. (2019) Thoughts on the ecology and evolution of anoles: insights from 5 years of meandering strolls. Anolis Newsletter VII, p. 261-274. Eds. Stroud, J.T., Geneva, A.J., Losos, J.B. Washington University, St. Louis MO. [PDF]

Main discussion references:

Click here to access the amazing Anolis Newsletter! 323 pages of anole-y goodness!

Prötzel, D., Heß, M., Scherz, M.D., Schwager, M., van’t Padje, A. & Glaw, F. (2018) Widespread bone-based fluorescence in chameleons. Scientific Reports, 8:698. DOI: 10.1038/s41598-017-19070-7 [pdf]

Note: @ 53:25 Mark accidentally misspeaks and said ‘the family Dactyloa’ instead of ‘Dactyloidae’. Five days in the taxonomic penitence chamber!


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