SquaMates Ep. 9: The Herpetologist’s Guide to the Galaxy

A totally serious herpetological podcast

SquaMates Ep. 9: The Herpetologist’s Guide to the Galaxy

What? Another episode? So soon after the last? yes indeed! Episode nine is here, with the Mates, Mark D. Scherz, Gabriel Ugueto, and Ethan Kocak, talking about the hottest new research in herpetology since December 2018!

In this ninth episode, we talk about Eleutherodactylus, yellow anacondas, painting with snake pee, and blind snakes in a great deal of detail! Our featured #HERper is Joan Beauchamp Procter, a visionary woman of the early 20th century!

Episode notes sometimes get clipped on your device or by your podcast provider; for full (extensive) notes (and references), go to http://www.squamatespod.com

Missed Snakes/Follow-up:

Sherratt, E., Coutts, F.J., Rasmussen, A.R. & Sanders, K.L. (in press) Vertebral evolution and ontogenetic allometry: The developmental basis of extreme body shape divergence in microcephalic sea snakes. Evolution & Development. Evolution and Development, 1–10. 10.1111/ede.12284

Works in Frogress:

Mark has submitted his thesis!!! With cover artwork done by Gabriel.

Gabriel’s rendition of Tyrannosaurus rex!

Ethan received his amazing new acquisitions: two species of caecilians!

Breaking Newts:

Marshall JC, Bastiaans E, Caccone A, Camargo A, Morando M, Niemiller ML, Pabijan M, Russello MA, Sinervo B, Sites, Jr. JW, Vences M, Werneck FP, Wollenberg Valero KC, Steinfartz S. 2018. Mechanisms of speciation in reptiles and amphibians: a synopsis. PeerJ Preprints 6, e27279v1 10.7287/peerj.preprints.27279v1

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#HERper: Joan Beauchamp Procter FZS FLS

Read about Joan on Wikipedia

A lovely article on Joan by the Linnean Society

An article on Joan by the Zoological Society of London

An obituary of Joan Procter was published in Nature by G. A. Boulenger

Main discussion references:

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The crazy skull of Xenotyphlops

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  1. llewelly says:

    here’s a preliminary list for the glossary. It may be too aggressive, but it is probably also missing some words.





    characters (as in morphological)


    derived ( in the evolutionary sense)









    paraphyly, polyphyly, etc


    radiation (in the sense of a clade increasing in diversity or disparity)

    stygiomorphic (or whatever that word Ethan brought up was)


    t-positive albino (where Ethan refers to the Australian “copper morph” )


  2. Emily says:

    Am I the only one who thinks the term “troglodytic” kinda sounds mildly derogatory? Like, “grow some melanin and expand your horizons, you blind troglodyte!”
    There’s probably something about Plato there too.

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